Slane has a medieval bridge and an 18th century
road carrying 21st century articulated traffic…
The only long-term solution to the
ongoing traffic problem in Slane
is the construction of the bypass.


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Bypass Slane Campaign urges government to reconsider decision on Slane Bypass funding

10th November 2011

"To do nothing is to be complicit in the inevitable tragedies that will undoubtedly follow. "

The recent announcement of cuts on capital expenditure projects is not surprising in the present economic situation. However, the apparent deferral of funding for the Slane Bypass comes as yet another disappointment in this long-running saga.

In our correspondence with Minister for Transport, Leo Varadrar, as recently as 12th October, he assured us that he fully understood from the NRA that the Slane Bypass is essential and stated that ‘it is not my intention to withdraw the proposed bypass from the planning process though I have done this for other projects’. He also said ‘those projects…which can be advanced, will be those which are the most affordable and which can deliver the best safety and economic return’. Any observer of the progress of the recent An Bord Pleanála Oral Hearing into the Slane Bypass would have been left in no doubt whatsoever that the Slane Bypass fulfils all of these criteria.

There is a litany of broken promises on this issue going back decades. Unfortunately, it seems that history is repeating itself in that we are seeing yet another Government not living up to its responsibilities to act meaningfully on this issue. We wait reluctantly to see history repeat itself once again when the next person loses their life in Slane.

We strongly urge the government to carefully reconsider the decision on the funding of the Slane Bypass should it receive planning permission. There is no doubt whatever as to the need for this project to be seen through to its logical conclusion. There is a very real threat to the lives of every user of the N2 through our village and, as we have been assured that the Government understands this threat, they have a moral responsibility to act. To do nothing is to be complicit in the inevitable tragedies that will undoubtedly follow.


Contact us at

Bypass Slane Campaign, c/o Slane Community Forum, The Village Inn, Slane, Co. Meath.