Slane has a medieval bridge and an 18th century
road carrying 21st century articulated traffic…
The only long-term solution to the
ongoing traffic problem in Slane
is the construction of the bypass.


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Slane representative groups were again invited to present their case in the Dáil and participate in discussions with the responsible authorities on the road safety problem in Slane.

Arising from the previous presentations to the Oireachtas Committee on Transport on 6th May 2009, the Meath County Manager, Mr Tom Dowling and the Chief Executive of the National Roads Authority, Mr Fred Barry were invited to outline their proposals for dealing with the traffic situation in Slane village and report on the progress to date in relation to the Slane bypass.

John Ryle gave a short introductory presentation on behalf of the Slane residents. This was followed by statements from both Tom Dowling and Fred Barry. An intense question-and-answer session ensued with committee members putting a number of very direct and difficult questions to the officials. Both parties agreed that the only realistic solution to the problem in Slane is the construction of the bypass and that both organisations wholeheartedly back its construction. Mr Barry said ‘there must be a bypass of Slane on economic, environmental and safety grounds’ and Mr Dowling stated that Slane village ‘will be destroyed’ without a bypass.

On the HGV ban, Tom Dowling admitted that although it could be put in place, his advice was that it would be very difficult to implement. Meath TD Thomas Byrne, pointed out that two alternative routes to the N2 route through Slane already exist in the M1 and the M3/N3 and that more creative thinking should be used to make the ban work. Committee Chairman, Frank Fahy suggested an introduction of the ban on a trial basis. Fergus O’Dowd stated that Meath County Council have no choice but to implement the ban as it is a reserve function of the Council, voted through unanimously in April.

Mr Dowling admitted that current traffic calming measures in Slane do not meet acceptable standards and undertook to look at all options and although Mr Barry promised the full support of the NRA no clear timeframe for this work was given. TDs and officials alike were reminded by Shane McEntee that the next road traffic fatality in Slane will be ‘blood on our hands’ should no action be taken immediately.

A full transcript of the day's proceedings can be accessed on the Committee webpage HERE. (Click 'Expand All' under 'This Debate' - menu at top left)

A transcript of John Ryle's statement on behalf of the Slane residents can be downloaded HERE.

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