Slane has a medieval bridge and an 18th century
road carrying 21st century articulated traffic…
The only long-term solution to the
ongoing traffic problem in Slane
is the construction of the bypass.


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ESRI economist attacks Slane bypass proposal.

26th August 2010

An economist working for the Economic and Social Research Institute, Dr. Edgar Morgenroth, has today been quoted in the Irish Times as saying that the planned Slane Bypass is 'idiotic'. He seems to fail completely to grasp why the bypass is needed in the first place claiming that road safety has dramatically improved because of factors like road safety campaigns, safer cars and penalty points.

He obviously hasn't driven through Slane very often and must have completely missed the coverage of the 23rd March 2009 crash. Putting aside the huge human cost to the families of the deceased, the survivors and the local community, perhaps the economic cost of the crashes in Slane to date should be calculated, both fatal and non-fatal, before more ill-informed pronouncements are made on the value-for-money of the proposed bypass. One wonders whether this is the position of the ESRI or whether it is just the opinion of an individual.

While he may have very valid economic points to make about national strategic infrastructure, it is clear to anyone with even a slight acquaintance with our situation in Slane, that this extremely short bypass is first and foremost about safety. The proof of this is the fact that the National Roads Authority and Meath County Council have lifted the bypass out of the longer term plan to upgrade the N2 and made it an urgent standalone project. This has come after up to forty years of promises from successive governments on the issue, all of which have been broken. If there was a perfect time for the bypass to have been constructed, surely it would have been immediately after the establishment of the NRA in 1994. Or maybe during the boom years? Or maybe after the toddler was crushed by a truck on Mill Hill...?

Now that we seem to be so close again, please have a thought for the sad history of this disgraceful neglect, to the point where members of the older generations in the village frequently and in certainty state that 'you'll never get the bypass' and 'I'll be dead and gone before they finally get around to that, and I dare say you will too', and please also think before you brand the first realistic attempt in decades to deal with the problem as 'idiotic'.

You can read the article in the Irish Times online HERE.



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