Slane has a medieval bridge and an 18th century
road carrying 21st century articulated traffic…
The only long-term solution to the
ongoing traffic problem in Slane
is the construction of the bypass.


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Bypass Slane Campaign meet with Phil Hogan, Fine Gael Environment spokesman.

17th December 2010

As part of the campaign to raise awareness of the need for the bypass of our village and to recruit support for the campaign, the Bypass Slane Campaign recently met with Mr Phil Hogan TD, who is the party's environment spokesman and prominent member of the Fine Gael front bench.

The meeting was organised by local representative and longtime supporter of the proposed bypass, Mr Shane McEntee TD. A very useful exchange of ideas took place and Mr Hogan assured those present that should Fine Gael find itself in government in the near future, that the Slane Bypass will continue to enjoy the high priority status it has recently been given.

Also present was local representative and strong supporter of the proposed bypass, Cllr. Anne Dillon-Gallagher also of Fine Gael. The meeting was also attended by reprersentatives of the Slane Community Forum and the Slane Bridge Action Group.

Following the meeting, a statement was issued by Fine Gael:

Press Release

Slane Bypass Group gain more support from Fine Gael

Deputy Phil Hogan, FG Spokesperson for the Environment, Heritage and Local Government has met with local members of the Slane Bypass Group and has pledged his support for the building of a new bridge just outside the village of Slane.

The meeting which took place on Tuesday (14th December) was attended by Deputy Hogan, Deputy Shane McEntee, Councilor Ann Dillon Gallagher and five members of the Bypass committee.

At the meeting the members expressed their concerns to Deputy Hogan. These concerns are for the village of Slane and indeed for the safety of the people living in and around the village due to the heavy traffic flow. Prominent member of the committee Michele Power told of how she had witnessed a lorry, whose brakes had failed, come crashing towards her car while she was stopped at traffic lights in the village.

“I heard a loud crash and looked in my rear mirror. The lorry was coming down the hill hitting car after car on its way. The lights were red so I couldn’t drive on. I had my kids in the car with me and I was terrified, it is not something I want to witness again.”

Deputy Hogan examined the proposed plans for the new bridge and was satisfied that they did not threaten the heritage of the area in any way. He also walked through the village himself and saw first hand the sheer amount of lorries and traffic passing through. He said in the meeting:

“I cannot believe the amount of traffic going through the village. You take your life into you own hands even crossing the road. Surely that amount of heavy traffic as well must have some kind of effect on the structure of the old buildings. Slane is full of beautiful old buildings but the foundations will be severely damaged by this amount of traffic.”

The budget which was announced last week listed Slane Bridge as a high priority on its list of infrastructure items. Under a Fine Gael Government Deputy Hogan sees no reason why the bypass could not go ahead.

Deputy McEntee who organized the meeting hopes that a decision will be made by An Bord Pleanala as soon as possible.

“It has taken nearly ten years for planning to get this far. The people on the committee have fought hard to get it where it is and I only hope that we can see it through. Slane needs this new bridge.”


The press release may also be viewed on the Fine Gael website HERE.

Senator Dominic Hannigan of Labour has undertaken to arrange a meeting between the Bypass Slane Campaign and Mr Eamon Gilmore, Labour Party leader, in the near future.




BSC meet Phil Hogan

Members of the Bypass Slane Campaign with Mr Phil Hogan TD, Cllr Ann Dillon-Gallagher and Shane McEntee TD.


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