Slane has a medieval bridge and an 18th century
road carrying 21st century articulated traffic…
The only long-term solution to the
ongoing traffic problem in Slane
is the construction of the bypass.


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Traffic incident in the village involving seven cars, one rigid-base truck and a HGV. The HGV went out of control and crashed in to the line of stationary traffic stopped at the traffic lights in the square. Several of the drivers are brought to hospital but, miraculously, no-one was seriously injured.

The crash took place shortly before 9.30 on a Monday morning as many mothers were returning home from dropping off their children at Slane National School. The incident occurred on the southbound side of the N2 approaching the trafic lights in the Square in the village. Six of the seven cars involved were mothers returning from the morning school-run and two of the mothers had younger toddlers in their cars at the time of the crash. The two other vehicles involved were a Galtee truck and a HGV.

The cars were stopped at the traffic lights when the HGV approached from behind at speed. The HGV did not stop and crashed into the Galtee lorry which was directly in front of it. There were several impacts as the HGV was slowed and eventually stopped. The force of the HGV travelled through the line of traffic causing a 'ripple effect'. One driver saw the HGV approaching in her rear-view mirror and was able to drive out of the line of traffic onto the other side of the road, minimising the impact on her car. Another car, positioned directly in front of the Galtee lorry was flipped forwards into the air and ended up on its roof facing back up the hill. Another ended up pinned between one of the lorries and a telephone box and the driver had to be cut from her car.

Fatalities were avoided due to the presence and position of the Galtee lorry which absorbed the impact of the out-of-control HGV. Had it not been there, the result of the incident would unquestionably have been catastropic. Several of those involved in the incident were taken by ambulance to nearby hospitals but none was seriously injured.

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