Slane has a medieval bridge and an 18th century
road carrying 21st century articulated traffic…
The only long-term solution to the
ongoing traffic problem in Slane
is the construction of the bypass.


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28 January 2011

Following two weeks of closure, Slane Bridge and the N2 finally reopened to through traffic. While the effects of the closure on the village was largely welcomed by residents, bringing a brief taste of what life in the village could be like with a bypass, it was clear that a simple HGV ban is not the 'silver bullet' solution to Slanes road safety problems as claimed by many opponents of the proposed Bypass.

With the ropad closure, what amounts to a HGV ban was in place in the village of Slane for a two-week period. The knock-on effect on the localities surrounding Slane village was stark. Although the official diversion indicated by Meath County Council had traffic rerouted through Navan, it appears that few drivers chose to follow this direction.

Heavy traffic, including HGVs and full-sized busses, diverted across the Boyne at the Bridge of the Boyne in Stackallen and through Beauparc. The roads in these areas are extremely narrow and were not designed to accommodate either the volume of traffic or size of vehicle seen there in recent weeks. There appears to have been no attempt made to compel traffic to stick to the route of the 'official' diversion. This is the reality that would face the area were a HGV ban to be imposed.

Conditions on the by-roads were such that it is reported that at least two crashes resulted. Both took place at McGruder's Cross as vehicles travelling northwards failed to negotiate the turn off the N2 towards Beauparc and ended up crashing through a property boundary into a private garden. In one of the incidents, a HGV was involved which overturned on leaving the road. Thankfully there were no fatalities or serious injuries reported in connection with either incident.

Those advocating a simple ban on HGVs through Slane should take note of the effects of the N2 closure as a realistic approximation of the knock-on effects on the rural communities living around Slane. It is clearly not a practical option and simply transfers the problem somewhere else and looks like it would create more dangers than it would remove.

Read two articles covering this issue in the Meath Chronicle HERE (26th January) and HERE (3rd February).

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