Slane has a medieval bridge and an 18th century
road carrying 21st century articulated traffic…
The only long-term solution to the
ongoing traffic problem in Slane
is the construction of the bypass.


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Irish Times article strongly critical of attempts to block bypass.

28th August 2010

An article has appeared in today's Irish Times adding a little balance to the statements reported in the Irish Times on Thursday 26th August. It is nice to know that the 'powerful forces' gathering to block the bypass are not being given a completely free hand.

The text of the Irish Times article may be viewed online HERE.

Further reaction to the statements covered in the Irish Times were published in the Meath Chronicle. Deputies Thomas Byrne, Shane McEntee and Cllr. Wayne Harding all made statements in full support of the proposed bypass. This article may be viewed HERE.

The full text of the press release issued by Thomas Byrne is as follows:

Powerful Forces at Work to Stop Slane Bypass

The Slane Bypass has once again been the subject of unnecessary and
unfounded criticism according to Meath East Fianna Fáil T.D. Thomas Byrne
and his party colleague Slane Councillor Wayne Harding. This criticism is
not new and it has often come from powerful forces from outside the Meath
area according to the two local politicians.

Commenting on media reports of comments from Dr Edgar Morgenroth of the
Economic, Social and Research Institute (ESRI), Deputy Byrne said: “The N2
through Slane Village has caused huge concern among the community for years
and many people have lost their lives on a relatively short stretch of
road. Others have been injured and barely escaped with their lives. The
safety of the people of our community is of great concern to me and will be
enhanced by the completion of this project, rendering it far from ‘idiotic’
as Dr. Morgenroth is said to have described it.”

“An Bord Pleanála is due to hold an oral hearing shortly and I note that Dr.
Morgenroth has made the astonishing statement that he will complain to the
Comptroller and Auditor General if An Bord Pleanala grants planning
permission. This smacks of unwarranted interference in the independence of
An Bord Pleanala and is highly inappropriate. Deputy Thomas Byrne has asked
the ESRI to confirm that they do not stand over this statement. I would
respectfully ask that everyone currently engaged in the high-level campaign
to demonise the Slane Bypass that they would respect whatever decision An
Bord Pleanála makes " said Cllr Harding.

Deputy Byrne added: “While it is everyone's democratic right to object to
the Slane Bypass, among the objectors are quite a number of barristers and
senior counsel living on the southside Of Dublin."

“I support the building of the Bypass and I have been working very closely
with Deputy Thomas Byrne to ensure there is Government support for this
important project. Meath County Council, the National Roads Authority, the
Government and more importantly the vast majority of the community in Slane
and Meath want to see this bypass constructed,” said Councillor Harding.

Deputy Byrne concluded: “Among the comments attributed to Dr. Morgenroth is
that the Bypass is ‘totally irrelevant’ for access from County Donegal to
Dublin. This misses the point of the campaign for the Bypass entirely.
Fianna Fáil is seeking to protect the residents of Slane and of County Meath
and the travelling public. I will continue working to do that regardless of
the uninformed commentary of a few who seem to get a lot of national media
attention whenever they rubbish the Slane Bypass.”


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